About Us

Mission Statement
iNSTEP Mobile Foot Care Service is committed to providing safe, quality foot care to adults, including seniors and individuals with a disability and to educate clients and community members regarding foot health.

We will accomplish this by providing: personalized non-invasive foot care services based on current practices, education on foot care, foot wear and foot care conditions. In addition, we will work with clients, health professionals and other foot care providers as necessary, to promote and maintain foot health, safety, and mobility and prevent foot problems.

Infection Control
The feet are exposed to a number of organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our high standard of infection prevention and control practices are based on current Canadian standards as established by Health Canada and the Canadian standards Association. All instruments are either used once and disposed of, or are properly cleaned to remove foreign matter and then autoclaved by steam under pressure to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.

Documentation, Privacy and Confidentiality
All health care professionals are required by their regulatory body to document care and treatment provided. They are also legally and ethically bound to keep clients’ health and personal information confidential.

Client information shall be disclosed only with the client’s consent and solely for the client’s purpose, unless there is specific ethical or legal obligation to do so. The amount of information disclosed and the number of people informed shall be kept to the minimum required to carry out service objectives.      

(Adapted from CRNABC Privacy and Confidentiality Practice Standard for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners).